December 18, 2007

Rate My Site:

#1. Text on home page needs bullet points. And it needs to be tightened up. Remember, people don't read websites, they scan them. Instead of your existing text, use something like this, which lists the benefits of working with you in a simple, straight-forward format:

  • Have more time
  • Get things done
  • Find what you are looking for
  • Plan your time based on what's important to you
  • Keep your commitments
#2. All copywriting needs to be tightened up. For instance, your Call To Action on the home page is currently:

Click here to schedule a complimentary telephone assessment.

Instead, tell prospective clients WHY they would would want to invest time in a "telephone assessment." What will they learn? What are the benefits to a telephone assessment? How long will it take?

Even though the telephone assessment is free, prospective clients are still investing their time and energy into the phone call, so sell them on the reason for the call.

#3. Inconsistent fonts. On the Teleclasses page, there are inconsistencies in the font sizes used, which makes it distracting. Your website designer is using CSS, which should make everything consistent. However, he/she is also imbedding font styling code into the each website page (instead of putting it all into the CSS file), which can lead to inconsistencies page-to-page.

#4. Page titles should have a marketing message in them. Include your keywords for SEO in page titles. For instance, the title on the Teleclasses page is simply "teleclasses". Instead, consider a title like, "Teleclasses to Help Organize Your Space"

#5. The "ad" in the right-hand column. It is "dusty rose" and doesn't catch my attention. Consider using a brighter-hued, jewel-toned color that matches the tone of your graphics. Also consider positioning it higher up on the page to capture more attention, and add a graphic element to the ad box to really make it pop for visitors.

#6. Consider pulling out the Speaking and Classes from the Services page and give this topic its own page. It gets lost in among the other Services.

#7. Contact Information. It is good to have your contact information -- email and phone number -- on each page of your website. While you have your name and phone number on each page, it is cluttered in with the navigation and other event information.

It would be more consistent with your desired image and message to de-clutter the contact information and include email (at a minimum) and phone number in the footer of each page.

Also, is it necessary to put both your name and title, AND your company name and tag line, under the navigation? It would be simpler to say:

Call 617-923-1158
or click here to email us

(With the "click here" a link to your email address or email form -- see #8 below)

#8. Contact Page. Currently you include the geographic area you serve, your name, phone number, and email. Consider using a “Contact Us” email form on this page to reduce the incidence of SPAM you receive from having your email linked from your website. Also, many people may be accessing your site from a public computer or web-based email (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) system. Using a form makes it easy for them to contact you without struggle. Make it easy, consistent, and efficient for prospects to contact you.

#9. Products Page. There are several things you can do on this page to make it sell for you. First, replace the blue font. It's not used anywhere else on the site and in marketing, consistency equals trust. Second, tell them how many pages are in your manual and booklet. Third, use eye-catching graphics when telling them to "click here to buy" instead of text. Fourth, consider having one page per product to help people stay focused.

#10. SEO. You indicated that you wanted to be known for the phrases "Professional Organizer," "ADD Coach," and "Organizing Coach." Your site needs a lot of SEO work if you want more traffic from search engines. For instance:

  • "ADD Coach" is only on your site once, and in that instance it refers to another person
  • "Organizing Coach" isn't on your site at all

#11. Navigation. Think of your navigation as a virtual tour guide for your site. It is like having a clone of you accompanying your prospect through your site. Since you indicate that many of your ideal clients feel challenged with “chronic disorganization” and feel “overwhelm of too much stuff” it is important for your site to reflect the fact that you offer services to ease these challenges for them. Currently your navigation uses a small font, all caps, and minimal space.

Consider adding more space and larger font to your navigation bar so prospects can instantly feel at ease with what is available on your site and how to navigate it.



  • Karyn and Aly Greenstreet are the owners of Passion For Business. They offer full website reviews as well as business and technology consulting to the self-employed small business owners.
  • Paula Gregorowicz uses her signature down to earth and "plain English" approach to website design, and works with small and solo business owners to make the web work for them so their online presence is a true reflection of who they are.

December 17, 2007

Bombarded With Reciprocal Link Requests

Have you noticed lately that you are getting a lot of requests for link exchanges? At first you think, "Hey, great, someone noticed my website!"

But look a little closer and you'll find that these are link exchange companies that are hired to find reciprocal links for their site. Most of these are sites you've never heard of.

A link exchange may seem like a great way to get more traffic to your site. However, one of the key purposes of your website is to build TRUST with your visitors. If you send them to a service or product that you have never tested, you are diminishing the quality of your expertise.

When you put a link on your website, you are in effect saying, "I recommend this person and I trust their work."

Don't let your desire for traffic ruin your reputation.

December 4, 2007

Beware of Google Poisoning

Hackers, spammers and virus creators have come up with another way to infect your computer: Google Poisoning.

By using "black hat" SEO techniques, they are able to get high organic listings in the Google search engine for websites that are infected with a virus. When you click onto these sites, your computer becomes infected.

To learn how to avoid this, see this Red Tape Chronicles article.