June 30, 2007

Open Your Mouth and Build Your Business Next Week

A few weeks ago, we had a special guest on our monthly teleclass, Darren LaCroix. Darren is the Toastmaster's World Champion of Public Speaking, competing against 25,000 others for that title.

If face to face is the best way to persuade people why are you only speaking to one face at a time? If your goods and services are so good, and people need them, why aren't you tapping into THE BEST for of marketing in the world...speaking.

It is a revenue stream that funnels leads into your business like a fire hose!

Darren did not start out that way though. He started his business doing a speech in front 12 people and made $99 in his first 30 minute talk. Now he earns hundreds of thousands of dollars and continues to feed his business from in front of an audience. Give him 60 minutes and he'll change the way you look at marketing for small businesses forever!

June 26, 2007

Internet Marketing class begins July 10

Creating a Powerful Internet Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business, with

Your website is just one part of a larger Internet Marketing Strategy. In this teleclass, we’ll talk about 28 powerful and effective internet marketing techniques, and how to tie all your Internet marketing endeavors into a cohesive plan that will help you successfully promote your business.

This isn’t just a discussion of theories and ideas – you will walk away with a concrete plan you can begin to implement immediately.

In this six-week teleclass, you will learn:

  • Why Internet marketing fails to bring in prospective clients, and what you can do about it

  • How to design an integrated Internet Marketing Plan

  • How to set realistic and achievable marketing objectives

  • The top 28 internet marketing techniques

  • Which technique to use for each type of prospective customer

  • How to choose the right technique for your budget

  • How to determine return-on-investment

  • How to test your internet marketing techniques

June 15, 2007

Something Unexpected Happens

When Paul Potts got up on stage in front of the audience of Britain's You've Got Talent show (think American Idol in the UK), you would never have guessed his hidden talent. In a a cheap suit with a chipped front tooth, he nervously approached the microphone. But this cell phone salesman from Wales had a dream.

And as we all know, something unexpected happens when you dare to live your dreams (watch it now, you won't believe it!):


WHEN are you going to start living YOUR dream?